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Some Great and Easy Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

If you are in need for some landscaping ideas here are a few for you to help you add some variety to your garden and to help you add some color to your home all the year round. You should be able to use some of these great ideas to liven up your garden. Flowers are key to making your home look  ...more

Pros and Cons of Xeriscaping

Article written by Tim Smith Xeriscaping is a strategy of growing that requires the least amount of additional irrigation to sustain plants. It uses naturally occurring species that have adapted to the amounts of rainfall available in the region. Using these plants saves water for other  ...more

How To Make a Vertical Flower Garden on Poles

Now that spring is here and you are ready to go out and do some gardening, here is a way you can go out and kind of spruce up some of your outdoor space with a really cute vertical flower garden that is put on wooden poles or dowels. This is a really neat way in which you can add some great floral a ...more

Exotic Japanese Garden Design Ideas

Japan is well known for its charming, disciplined and stunningly planned gardens. Many people shy away from attempting to recreate such elegance in their own backyard but as this video shows - it is completely doable! You just need the right plan, the right tools and the confidence and perseverance  ...more

Creating Your Own Raised Garden Beds

A really popular trend right now is having raised garden beds in your garden. There are a lot of different reasons why people prefer this type of gardening. One is that it lets you have total control over the soil and it is an ideal option for those gardeners that have yards that are plagued with ba ...more

Great Garden Party Decorating Ideas

Not many people think about having a garden party when it comes to outdoor parties. They usually think about backyard BBQ's instead. But it might be something that you might want to consider having to change things up a bit. Sometimes it is nice to do something that is a little more elegant than wha ...more

Creating an Indoor Garden With a Cactus Dish Garden

If you don't have much space indoors but you are still looking for an easy way that you can create a great indoor garden look in your home or apartment you might want to consider creating for yourself a cactus dish garden. You can have a small grouping of cacti or even a larger bowl that is spilling ...more

Botanical Gardens and How to Create One of Your Own

Botanical gardens are beautiful and are usually filled with a variety of different local plants along with a variety of plants that can be found in different parts of the world. They often have collections like tropical, perennial flowers as well as herb gardens. Often they have plants that will att ...more

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